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What Herbal Wonders can do for you?

Maintain healthy and beautiful hair.

Control Dandruff.
Help thinning hair.
May even grow hair.
Make hair manageable, soft and smooth.
Maintain soft and healthy skin.
Mild Exfoliating.
Refine enlarged pores.
Skin Whitening and moisturizer.
Keep skin feeling soft and silky
help with acne and minor skin problems.

Have clean and refreshing feeling.

Benefits and uses of essential oils

    Insect Repellant
    Refreshing/appealing fragrance
    Skin Moisturizer/Anti-wrinkle
    Toning/Blood circulation stimulant Botanical extracts with mild exfoliating, whitening and moisturizing properties that aids in
    Clearing blemishes and age spots.
    Reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
    Refine enlarged pores.
    Smoothen skin.

Directions: Use daily as a facial or bath soap. Good for all skin types


Ingredients: Coconut oil, vegetable oil, olive oil, botanical essential oils, glycerin and herbal extracts.


Absolutely no animal fats or extenders.